Manly beach  河村豪州滞在記

I went to Manly beach on last Saturaday with my class mate.

Do you know Manly beach? It is a one of famous beach in Australia.
I wanted to go to there for long age.
Then I could go to there finaly.
It was very nice beach!

There was beautiful sky that is spread unlimited, wonderful beach and I felt good wind at that day.

Everything was nice!

And we made B.B.Q party in there. It was very good as well.
I really had a good time with friend.

I will finish this school end of Junuary. It mean this month!
I have school life just a little.
However recentlly I am getting good memories little by little.
I want more time...
PS. I'm afraid that a girl who is taken photo with me is just friend.
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